Rockhopper’s Captain’s Quarters Key Hidden on Club Penguin

Chinsetakout here!!

Rockhopper has hidden his key to enter the Captain’s Quarters. Here is how to find it:

  1. Log on to Club Penguin
  2. Go to the Book Room
  3. Click on the bookshelf or book icon in lower right corner
  4. Click on Rockhopper’s Journal
  5. Flip to the very last page
  6. You have found Rockhopper’s Key :D


This will also give you a special pin to wear on your playercard! :D



Story Book Out and CPIP Gift is Red Mine Helmet!!

Update: Everyone check out the new poll that is located on the sidebar!! Everyone sorry the code under the banner wont work so i will contact wordpress and see whats up :(

Chinsetakout here!!

The CPIP gift is out and i think everyone is a bit dissapointed and this is the gift also try to dance with only it on!!

The new book with the contest winner’s stories are there so check them out!!


New Newspaper with Contest Winners!!

Jojo161616 here!!

To see all the newspaper and the igloos that won CLICK HERE!!

Congrats to Lolliepops10, Sammysays, and Chochypop for winning the Writing Contest!!

Also congrats to those who won the igloo decorating contest also look out for these events!!


And remember to look in your inventory tommorrow for your CPIP prize!!


CPIP Thank You Item Announcement!

Update: I just found out someone supposedly found rsnail and screenhog on clubpenguin and they let it slip what the gift was going to be!! They said a pink and purple party hat!! Sounds pretty cool to me!! What do you hope it is?

Hey everyone, Dr Pepper 66 here:

Billybob released an update on the CPIP blog announcing that finally after months of waiting, the free gift will be released to all penguin testers on Friday, May 30th! He said it will be put into our player card, so that means it should be a clothing item! He wanted to wait until the player card and penguin mail updates were complete, but the Club Penguin Team has found a lot of bugs so he is just giving it to us now! The new features which are the penguin mail, the new organization of the playercard, and the new login wont be done until June! CLICK HERE to see the post for yourself!

-Dr. Pepper 66

New Music Video by: Chinsetakout and Jojo161616!!

Hey Chinsetakout here!!

I just finished making this new Music Video!! Jojo161616 is in it this time!! Tell me what you think!! Thanks :) It is the Song Rockstar by Nickelback Enjoy!!

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My first video!!

Update: Everyone i got really sick last night and this morning so i couldnt make it to the party :( Dr Pepper 66 went on my penguin for a little just in case some people were at the party but there wasnt much people :( I have decided we will have a party every 50,000 hits to make it more special!! Thanks for Visiting!!

Chinsetakout here!!

Tell me what you think and be honest!! Please if you can add this video to your site!!

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thanks :lol:


Free Item,New Pin,Two Catalogs,and Lots of Secrets!!

Update: The poll is now closed!! And the winner is….. HAUNTED FOREST!! That will be my igloo design!! Dont forget Mon. May 26, at 11 Club Penguin Time in mammoth!! See you there!! Also check out the new poll on the sidebar!!

Chinsetakout here!!

CLICK HERE to see the Igloo Furniture Catalog and CLICK HERE to see Pet Furniture Catalog!!

The Free Item is in the lighthouse!! Walk up to the wizard hat on the table to get it!!

The new pin is in the boiler room!! To get it put your mouse over the lava bucket then it will make the pin!!

Igloo Furniture Secrets:

(palm tree)

(coffee shop tree)

(plush gray chair)

(inflatable dragon)


Puffle Furniture Secret:

(gray house)

Also here is the party info again:

We will also play games such as: Find Four, Sled Racing, Mancala, and a bunch of other fun things )

If you are at my party you have a chance at recieving these prizes:

1. I will take pictures of 4 penguins and write a description about you on a post on this site

2. I will add about 15-20 penguins

3. Also i will put pictures of the party on this site so you have a chance of being in them

4. I will record the party and click playercards then put the video up on this site!!

Also this poll will be up until TONIGHT so click HERE to get voting or you can find it at the bottom of the sidebar!!