New Clothing and Wig Catalogs!!

To view the Clothing Catalog without logging on click HERE and to view the Wig Catalog click HERE!!

They brought a new Clothing Catalog today and the theme is Medevil!!

Clothing Catalog Secrets:

This letter was hidden on the very last page of the Clothing Catalog!!

Click the Dragons’s Hand for the Crystal Staff and Click the Green Hat for the Robin Hood Hat!!

Click the White Collar for the Cheesy Tie and click the Bunny’s Bow for the Red+Blue Viking Helmets!!

Click the Penguin’s Eyes who is wearing the Admiral Jacket for the Green Snorkel!!

These are the new backgrounds!!

Wig Catalog Secret:

Click the Spikester for the Purple Spikette!!


2 Responses

  1. My favorite items are the dragon suit, the crown and the magic stick thing

  2. where are all the clothing catalogs other than the gift shop ones and the one in the theatre?!
    Chinsetakout:There is a sports catalog in the Ski Shop!!

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