5,000 Hits

Update: Rockhopper left Monday and wont come back until June. Also Billybob Announced that one of the new features on Club Penguin will be a new way to organize our player cards!!To see what he wrote go to www.clubpenguin.com/cpip then click the spy goggles then the CPIP Blog!

As you can see we got 5,000 hits!! good job everyone keep on coming back and soon we can have our first party when we get to 10,000 hits!! :) Lets keep it going!!

– Dr Pepper66, Chinsetakout, Jojo161616


8 Responses

  1. what the!?!!? how do u get so many visits in a day? u used to be less than me in hits
    Chinsetakout: So many people came it was Awesome!!

  2. wow how did u get all those hits so fast!!!!!! You’re catching up to me. ACMG is born. anti cpmac group. go to my site for moer info

  3. wowie

  4. wow! congrats on 5,000 hits!
    Chinsetakout:Its all thanks to the people who visited:)

  5. Got to change the free item widget. ;)
    Chinsetakout: Ya it does by itself i dont why it hasnt yet though

  6. Whoo! 5000 Congrats dude in case you haven’t noticed it’s now 6,000!
    Chinsetakout: Ya i noticed its awesome i just didnt do a post for it!!

  7. cant wait till the party!

  8. hi this is red iron(club penguin name) just saying that your site is awesome! I wish i would have gone to the 5000 hit party. By the way nice effects on your site! -Red Ironlll
    Chinsetakout: Thanks for commenting! :D

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