New Pin and Stage and Sneak Peak Of Medievil Party!!

Billybob released this sneak peak of the upcoming party. I think its going to be cool!!

Today a new pin was released it is a goblet. To get it put your mouse on the lamp and the pin will fall of. I think it definitally has to do with the Medivial Theme going on!!

Also the Twelth Fish play came back today!! All of it is the same except there is a new background. The switchbox isnt in it because it will be used in the party!!




15 Responses

  1. Whats your guys favorite part of the play? And are you looking forward to the midevial party!?!?

  2. yep i dont like the stage but
    i can wait until the me party

  3. hey im having a party tommorrow go to my site for the time

  4. Hey awesome post! Comment back at


  5. Hey Chinesetakeout! You have an awesome site man! Also, my site has recently reached 10,000 Hits and I was wondering if you wanted to come to my party! Check it out here:

    Chinsetakout: Ill try to make it!!:)

  6. Ed324 made that awesome bannre for me! His super site is:!


  7. Sure I’ll make a banner for you! All you gotta do is make me a picture you want as your banner, give me the link on my site on a comment!

  8. Ok but I will only be able to use one of the pictues. I will use the one with the penguin because the other one is too big. And the only way I will be able to put that box where people can add it to their site is logging into your account and putting it in. It’s really hard to explain because you won’t understand if I try! Don’t worry, I done this to many sites before. I will do NO damage ir edit anything exept put the banner in. Here’s my e-mail: I Do NOT share my e-mail with anybody but myself. You can totally trust me on this. As soon as I’m done, I’ll leave a comment here and you can change the password. just to make sure, my email is exactly
    Chinsetakout: ok i will add you and also is it done already?

  9. wait ed do you have to be on my account or can i just add you as an admin?

  10. Ok but it doesn’t say im Admin

  11. I got the e-mail though

  12. are you putting it on right now?

  13. Ok I’m done! You can now change the password!

  14. Thank You!!!!!!!

  15. how’s u make ur banner? (reply on CPT plz)

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