8,000 Hits!!

Hey everyone its Dr. Pepper 66!! As you can see we have reached 8,000 hits today which means only two thousand more hits until our first party!! So keep it going and keep visiting!! When we get closer to 10,000 hits we will give you details on the party. Great Work!! We made this to celebrate!!


-Dr. Pepper 66, Chinsetakout, and Jojo161616


7 Responses

  1. Yay! 8,000 hits!! Just a little more to 10,000!! Good Job Everyone!! :)

  2. dear clubpenguin i really want cheets and glicthies may u plz teach me how couse no one ever teach me plz and thays all i wanna say:[

  3. wait how did u get all those hits so fast?can u comment on my site sometime?
    Chinsetakout:Where do i comment?

  4. oh it says guest book and click the sign in thing. its in my poll page and my latest news page. also im having a contest so check that out too

  5. ok i will:)

  6. i wat cheats

  7. wat the heck i dont have cheats

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