New Igloo Decorating Contest and Medievil Sneak Peek!!

Update: Today Club Penguin released news that they will add a new feature called Penguin Mail. You will be able to save the cards you recieve and sen greeting cards to offline penguins!!!

Club Penguin just released info on the upcoming Igloo Decorating Contest!! Here it is:

Start saving your coins and when the new furniture catalog comes out on May 23 you can enter the contest simply by decorating your igloo! Winners will each get 10,000 coins and their igloos will be featured in the Club Penguin Times newspaper! Check out the newspaper on Thursday for details!

Also here is another Medievil Sneak Peek i found!!



11 Responses

  1. I dont know about you guys but i cant wait until the Midievil Party!! Also are you planning on entering the igloo contest?


    -cpmac :wink:

  3. Hey! ya sure you can make me a banner thing!
    Chinsetakout: ya ok but you will have to do something for me cause it is really hard and takes a long time to make the banner

  4. what to i have to do?

  5. either use my sweet pics or put one of my banners on your site

  6. what is sweet pics?

  7. sorry i meant funny pics

  8. ok i will add a funny pic

  9. ok i added a funny pic from here to my site

  10. hey chinse! remember how wordpress kind of “broke down” well i think I know why!!! notice how NO ONE has a sonific widget well apparently sonific is shut down! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

  11. cool almost 10,000

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