Awesome Medieval Party and New Room!!

Update: Hey everyone its chinsetakout!! I just wanted to let all of you know about my toolbar!! With it you will be the first to know about important events that are happening!!You can also chat with others who have the toolbar. There is no spyware or anything to mess up your computer!!:) To download the toolbar CLICK HERE !!

I think this Medieval Party is as good as the April Fools Party!!!

The free item is a Tunic and it is at the dock!!

The new room is in the forest. To get to it, click on the first step!!

The switchbox is used in the Mine!! Its really cool!! Check it out!!

I would check out every single ROOM!!! You dont want to forget this party!! If you do though just CLICK HERE to see every decorated room from the party



11 Responses

  1. Yeah, the party does rock! I know, its one of the best parties in Club Penguin history!

  2. Nice post dude and if you don’t
    want to take pictures you can always use mine

  3. Everyone.. what are you favorite rooms?

  4. Mine is the ski lodge attic

  5. cool site , keep it up!
    Chinsetakout: Thanks fano it means alot!! :)

  6. same here its cool
    p.s. check out my funny picture page

  7. I added more picture if you can comment ;)

  8. Wow! How did you get so many hits so quickly?? Please add me to your blogroll. I cant get that banner to work on my sight. but will you do it anyway?

  9. hey i see u on cp a lot. please check out

  10. almost 6,000 hits oh ya

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    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here

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