10,000 Hits Party!!

Update: Today i added a whole lot more cheats to the cheats and glitches page. So check them out they are very cool!! Also i put the coin tips at the very bottom of that page and added a new page with all the mission guide videos!!


We will also play games such as: Find Four, Sled Racing, Mancala, and a bunch of other fun things :)

If you are at my party you have a chance at recieving these prizes:

1. I will take pictures of 4 penguins and write a description about you on a post on this site

2. I will add about 15-20 penguins

3. Also i will put pictures of the party on this site so you have a chance of being in them

Also this poll will be up until next Friday click HERE to take it or you can find it at the bottom of the sidebar!!


8 Responses

  1. Hey! Awesome blog : D Can you add me to your blogroll? If you comment on my site, I will add you. THX!


  2. ummm lets see wait no i cant come. On May 24 im leaving for a vacation(cruise)sorry. and congrats on 10,000 hits!

  3. Who thinks they can come? Tell me in a comment!!

  4. DANG!!!
    I will be der for sure!!!!!

    ( you can count on that )



    Chinsetakout: You have to sign up with wordpress and make an account. Then when you do you go to your profile and upload an image!!

  6. Hey You Were Are My Site, http://dan1034.wordpress.com I Added Your Banner TO My Site. Can You Add Me To Your Blogroll Now?
    Chinsetakout:Thanks for adding my banner!! I added you to my blogroll :) Cool Site

  7. I have good news and well bad news :( I’ll just say it :( :( :(
    BAD NEWS: CPT ONLY got 6 hits yesterday!!! :(
    GOOD NEWS: I’ll probably at the party!
    RED OUT :(
    p.s. lots of sad faces :(
    p.s.s. next time you might wanna do it on the weekend cuz I would have JUST gone on summer vacation!! and that’s around the time people are usually in school!
    Chinsetakout: No no one has school because its Memorial Day!! Thats why i picked a monday!!

  8. cool ill try to come but not everyone lives in america.
    Chinsetakout: Most of my viewers are from USA so i just thought it would be a good day!!:) I hope to see you there

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