New Awesome Club Penguin Feature!!

Update: Check out all the new cheats i added to the Club Penguin Cheats and Coin tips page. Some of them are really cool. Also as you can see we combined the Coin tips with the cheats and made a new page with the mission guides in it!!

Look Chinsetakout’s comment go posted on the CPIP post: (click to enlarge)

Jojo161616 here!!

Billybob released information on yet another feature they are working on!! CLICK HERE to see the post for yourself. Just click the spy goggles then click CPIP blog.

This is what Billybob said:

Hello Penguins!
Meeting up with buddies in Club Penguin is really important–I know because it’s something a lot of you say is difficult right now. In fact, it has been on of the top things suggested for improvement from many players! Your feedback on this issue has been a huge help. The team knew right away that one of the first improvements they wanted to work on was to make it easier to find your buddies when logging into Club Penguin.

Some of you had great ideas about making the login function better–a popular one was grouping worlds based on those you visit most often!

That’s part of what the team is working on right now. They are totally rebuilding the way you login to Club Penguin! The new login feature will make it a lot easier to locate your friends online–and the worlds will be grouped in a way that will help you stick with the buddies you play with most often.

Also here is the info on the party again: 


We will also play games such as: Find Four, Sled Racing, Mancala, and a bunch of other fun things )

If you are at my party you have a chance at recieving these prizes:

1. I will take pictures of 4 penguins and write a description about you on a post on this site

2. I will add about 15-20 penguins

3. Also i will put pictures of the party on this site so you have a chance of being in them

Also this poll will be up until next Friday click HERE to take it or you can find it at the bottom of the sidebar!!



2 Responses

  1. Hey Chinsetakout,
    On my site you posted a comment to see if you could be an admin for a little while. Well, I actually considered this but when I talkined with Ligster she did not really like the idea. How about I just copy the banner onto my famous penguins page. I think that that would be better.
    Thanks for Understanding!
    When in doubt go to

  2. get awesum dude hope to come

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