Free Item,New Pin,Two Catalogs,and Lots of Secrets!!

Update: The poll is now closed!! And the winner is….. HAUNTED FOREST!! That will be my igloo design!! Dont forget Mon. May 26, at 11 Club Penguin Time in mammoth!! See you there!! Also check out the new poll on the sidebar!!

Chinsetakout here!!

CLICK HERE to see the Igloo Furniture Catalog and CLICK HERE to see Pet Furniture Catalog!!

The Free Item is in the lighthouse!! Walk up to the wizard hat on the table to get it!!

The new pin is in the boiler room!! To get it put your mouse over the lava bucket then it will make the pin!!

Igloo Furniture Secrets:

(palm tree)

(coffee shop tree)

(plush gray chair)

(inflatable dragon)


Puffle Furniture Secret:

(gray house)

Also here is the party info again:

We will also play games such as: Find Four, Sled Racing, Mancala, and a bunch of other fun things )

If you are at my party you have a chance at recieving these prizes:

1. I will take pictures of 4 penguins and write a description about you on a post on this site

2. I will add about 15-20 penguins

3. Also i will put pictures of the party on this site so you have a chance of being in them

4. I will record the party and click playercards then put the video up on this site!!

Also this poll will be up until TONIGHT so click HERE to get voting or you can find it at the bottom of the sidebar!!



12 Responses

  1. Now that you have seen all the new catalogs what are your ideas for the igloo decorating contest?

  2. need hits please visit site

    2. BIG FEAST
    AND MORE!!!!!!

  4. Hey! Nice post! Great site too! I wish I could make it to your party though. :cry:

    -Mr Fun 5

  5. Cool! I wanna meet you so I’ll be at your party! :D Also, check out my blog:
    and tell me what you think! Oh and if you want, I just created a header workshop so if you want…I’ll make one for you! ;)

  6. Great post

  7. ill try to come

  8. i quit

  9. Hey,
    Nice site! Keep up the Awesome work!
    Dont forget about my party today!
    More info at:


  10. Hey, thanks for the comment!:) We try to keep our site interesting;)

  11. I’m at Mammoth right nowww! I told I’d be here Sarp! :D Only one thing missing…YOU!

  12. i cant find a single thing above that is hidden?

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