My first video!!

Update: Everyone i got really sick last night and this morning so i couldnt make it to the party :( Dr Pepper 66 went on my penguin for a little just in case some people were at the party but there wasnt much people :( I have decided we will have a party every 50,000 hits to make it more special!! Thanks for Visiting!!

Chinsetakout here!!

Tell me what you think and be honest!! Please if you can add this video to your site!!

CLICK HERE to go to my video site and if you want to subscribe to my videos!! There are many more to come!!

thanks :lol:



15 Responses

  1. What do you guys think?

  2. That was a awesome vid!!!. <<< Contest On!! Comment The Most To Win!!! ~Peng Pinky~

  3. That was great! I would never have the skill to do that! ;) Anyway, I just wanted to inform you that I will be attending your party! I will be there at 11:00am [CPST] Sharp! Just wanted to remind you! :D

    See you there! xoxo

  4. Hey!
    Nice site you have here!
    If you would like more hits,
    feel free to submit your blog on Anyone
    can, and it will increase your amount of viewers.

  5. NICE VIDEO! your better than me when I started lol

  6. Hey!
    One Word!
    NICE! Video! 10/10
    Keep It Up!
    Check Out My Animations Of The Catalogs Dude!
    Chinsetakout: Thanks!!

  7. I loved it!
    Chinsetakout: Thanks it was a lot of work!! I am working on a new on with the song Rockstar by Nickelback!! :)

  8. Hey I love the site. Hows about adding me to your blogroll? I can return the favor.

  9. sorry dude i won’t come to your party
    maybe next time!

  10. Dude!!! I’m right next to you! Talk to meeee! :D

  11. Plz add me to yor buddy list! :D

  12. Nice site! We have met on mammoth, add me ur blogroll and i will add u!

  13. Dear Chinsetakout,
    To bad you could not come to your own party. Well, sometimes that happens.
    I could not go. I was really planning on it. I’ll see you when you get more hits!

    When in doubt go to

  14. Hey Chinsetakout. I saw your viedo and its great. Im getting Hypercam within the next 5 days. I was wondering if you wanted to make viedos with me in a productions? im going to try to get one more person and it would be scts productions. Swimnn6, Chinsetakout, and The Source. Thats my goal. i hope you can join. waddling on
    Chinsetakout: Thanks for the offer but im just going to make them with Dr. Pepper 66 and Jojo161616

  15. nice vid

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