CPIP Thank You Item Announcement!

Update: I just found out someone supposedly found rsnail and screenhog on clubpenguin and they let it slip what the gift was going to be!! They said a pink and purple party hat!! Sounds pretty cool to me!! What do you hope it is?

Hey everyone, Dr Pepper 66 here:

Billybob released an update on the CPIP blog announcing that finally after months of waiting, the free gift will be released to all penguin testers on Friday, May 30th! He said it will be put into our player card, so that means it should be a clothing item! He wanted to wait until the player card and penguin mail updates were complete, but the Club Penguin Team has found a lot of bugs so he is just giving it to us now! The new features which are the penguin mail, the new organization of the playercard, and the new login wont be done until June! CLICK HERE to see the post for yourself!

-Dr. Pepper 66


5 Responses

  1. I can’t wait until Friday! What do you think the free gift will be?

  2. hey dude i am having a contest! right now
    hurry just started!

  3. i think its going to be a purple and pink party hat!!! :)

  4. lol nice i hardly believe it though
    that would be cool

  5. dude the pink and purple hats are beta hats! i dought it!
    also i found someone with ur banner heres a link http://starskiecp.wordpress.com/
    Chinsetakout:No reddy the yellow and pink is the beta hat!!

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