Story Book Out and CPIP Gift is Red Mine Helmet!!

Update: Everyone check out the new poll that is located on the sidebar!! Everyone sorry the code under the banner wont work so i will contact wordpress and see whats up :(

Chinsetakout here!!

The CPIP gift is out and i think everyone is a bit dissapointed and this is the gift also try to dance with only it on!!

The new book with the contest winner’s stories are there so check them out!!



8 Responses

  1. What do you guys think of the CPIP gift?

  2. i dont like it. could of done better. also can you try to come to my party tommorrow.

  3. hey its me cali i was wondering if you wanted to add me cuz i want to add u. If you are beta tell me :-)
    cali fades away…

  4. Dude what is ur record for =hits in one day?!? ours is 518!
    Chinsetakout: Ours is 639!!

  5. the item kinda stinks

  6. Its k.


    Play Planet Cazmo

    Planet Cazmo blog

  7. my record for hits in a day is. 615. also come to my party

  8. lol also come to my party. my old site stunk

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