15,000 hits!

Hey everyone, Dr Pepper 66 here:

Today we reached a major milestone in the history of our blog: 15,000 hits! Its all thanks to everyone who visits the site. Make sure to keep coming back each day to check for the latest updates about Club Penguin! Thanks!

And remember: Friday is the return of the Water Party and a new stage!!

-Dr Pepper 66, Chinsetakout, and Jojo161616


7 Responses

  1. oh and on friday it is aussie22’s dads birthday!!! lol

  2. yay

  3. yo click my name and pleese all of u comment on my site and good job on hits

  4. do u guys visit my site at all. my hits are dropping and i really need them. please visit
    Chinsetakout: Yes i do but i think you should get a wordpress!! It is really hard to find stuff on your site and none of the news is on the homepage!! But i do visit everyday!!

  5. i do have a wordpress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. and theres a page saying latest news. also alot of sites have home pages then news on other pages. but not wordpresses.

  7. Hello!
    Why did you take us off of your blog roll. You are still on ours! Please put us back on. http://www.puddlewinkpage.wordpress.com

    Lugster+ Puddlewink

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