Water Party, 3 Free Items, New Room, and New Stage!!

Chinsetakout here!!

CLICK HERE to see all the rooms from the water party and CLICK HERE to see water party funny pictures!!

The Icecream Apron is in the plaza, the shell necklace is at the beach, and the yellow duck is at the cove!!


There is a new room at the iceberg!! Go to the very left and click on the blue whale you see!!


The snowballs are now water balloons!! Try clicking and dragging the hoses you see, they spray!!


Check out all the rooms they are awesome!! My favorite is the mine and pool where they tell the story of the water party!!


The new stage is about cavemen and prehistoric times!! There is a free background!!



4 Responses

  1. What is your favorite part of the water party?

  2. U were right!

  3. cool. comment back on my site

  4. nice site! check out mine! http://www.tren56.wordpress.com!

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