New Club Penguin Music Video!!

Update: CLICK HERE to view news about Klutzy the Crab!

Chinsetakout here!!

Dr. Pepper 66 and I just finished making this video and we want you to watch it and please comment what you think good or bad!! CLICK HERE to go to our youtube vid site and click the subscribe button!! Enjoy!!




13 Responses

  1. What do you think?

  2. awesome!!!!! totally super duper cool!!!!!
    Chinsetakout: Wow! Thanks!! It took a long time im glad you like it!! :)

  3. reallly nice site!! I love the water party!!! Also, please come and check out my site and plzz leave a comment thanks!

  4. nice job chinse! Srry though i won’t review cuz i just reviewed another one of yours last week! but i liked it!
    p.s. in your next poll thing on your site you should make a poll for which song you should do next! (I vote for that new plain white T’s song called Our Time Now it rocks!)
    Chinsetakout: Thanks!! Im glad you like it!! Also thanks for the poll idea ill think about it!!

  5. nice! and if u mean the header for the latest news site it just came with it

  6. cool video! its me dirt, i saw you on CP.

  7. contest at

  8. awesome vid! i love that song!

  9. also well done on those hits- theyve really gone up since i last visited!
    Thanks! Ya its all thanks to the viewers!! :)

  10. its rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. cool ur beta right?
    Chinsetakout: No im not a beta all i have beta like is the Red Mining Helmet!! :( Sorry

  12. hey it’s cali from cptrio could you add me and we can meet on cpp some time cuz some times i see you and ask and you never reply
    cali fades away…

  13. How come u have a beta hat in ur picture?!?

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