New Clothing Catalog, Wig Catalog, and Pin

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

Clothing Catalog Secrets

*If you wear the conductor outfit and dance, you start conducting!

Click the Supernova Suit Belt to find the red viking helmet.  Click it three more times to get the blue one.

Click the Diver’s Suit to find the Diver’s Helmet                                         

Click the Top-Left part of the Green Tabard to find the Woodsman Hat

Click the ribbon of the Princess Hat to find the Crystal Staff

Click the Green Rubber Boots to find the Cheesy Tie

There was one brand new backround this month.  The other three are returning.

Wig Catalog Secrets

Click the Spikester Wig to get the Spikette Wig         


A new pin also came out today.  It is the Firework Rocket Pin and it is hidden on the umbrella in the Cove 

 We added a new poll today too so make sure you vote!

-Dr Pepper 66


9 Responses

  1. Can u do T-pain Low as a Music Video?


  2. hey can you come to my blog?
    there is contests and more!
    hear is the link!
    ps can you add me to your blog roll?

  3. go to big news

  4. Col post..:-)
    BTW plz plz plz plz plz DONT put low as a music video! I hate the song: Its terrible! Why not SOS by Jonas Brothers or We Made It by Busta Rhymes ft Linkin Park??? Theyre cooler then Low by T Pain nd Flo Rida. You could even make your own vodeo! anythimg would be better than Low. Its called Low for a reason…. it has low quality and is made for wee kids!
    Thanks xx :-)


  5. p.s No Offence to Wyse or T-Pain… I still think they are cool!:-) :-D :-P 8)


  6. :$

  7. This is the 1st time I have seen this site and its soo cool! 8) I am in Florida the now enjoying the sun and visiting my Auntie. :-) Took my laptop hust in case I needed it to pass the time and i did! ;-) Whoever u are r Pepper 66 and WWe Adam.. this post is how the American would say : AWSOME! :-P
    Chinsetakout: Me, Dr. Pepper 66, and Jojo161616 work on this site!! Im glad you like it :)

  8. * Dr Pepper

    Woops! ;-)

  9. Where abouts in Florida?? :-)

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