Chinsetakout TV and July Party Sneak Peek

Jojo161616 here!

Today me, Chinsetakout and Dr. Pepper 66 finished out first episode of Chinsetakout TV!! Please tell us what you think good or bad! Double click to rate 5/5 and comment! Go to our video page to subscribe and friend!! Enjoy!!

Today Billybob released a sneak peek on the July party! By the picture below I believe the party will be a western/ music party. I am not completely sure of this because we just had a western party so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

~ jojo161616


8 Responses

  1. If you like the Chinsetakout TV episode i would really like it if you put it on your site!! thanks :)

  2. cool video chinse! cant wait till the next one

  3. lol that was funny me and my sis were laughing so hard!
    Chinsetakout: thanks! Glad you like it :)

  4. that was hilarious! Jojo was very funny in that.
    Jojo161616: Thanks :lol:

  5. lol thanks everyone im not sure yet when the next episode will come out because we have to think of an idea!! But im really glad you all like it :) Also everyone, please tell everyone you know about it please i would apprieciate it thanks

  6. hey gud post… and its great to see ur vid right here on ur site
    L8r Lolli and RynoZodiac
    Chinsetakout: Thanks also did you like the Chinsetakout TV?

  7. wow! that was awesome! lol i liked the dress bit- lol!
    Chinsetakout: I liked that part too! :lol:

  8. I luv the vid.
    Dr Pepper 66: Glad you like it… keep checking back for new episodes!

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