New Igloo Catalog, New Music, New Game, and New Pin

Hey Everyone Dr Pepper 66 Here!!

Today a new pin came out. It is a Treble Clef Pin and it is located near the Pool:

The Night Club has also had some changes.  The new DJ game is being built there.  Put your cursor over the ‘fragile’ sign to make the DJ equipment come to life.

Igloo Catalog Secrets:

 Press the Piano to find the Guitar Stand


Press the Coffee Shop Tree for the Vegetable Garden

Press the Palm Tree for the Flower Planter

Press the Seaweed for the Clam

*Remember next Friday is the beginning of the First Ever Music Festival.  The new game should be out then too! Also, check out the new igloo music.  Make sure you have a stereo or jukebox set up in your igloo to access the music.  There are three new songs: Fiesta, Aqua Grabber, and Medieval Town!

-Dr Pepper 66


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  1. What new music?

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