New DJ Game Comes July 25th!

Update: You can now view member igloos on the map in a list

Chinsetakout here!!

Here is Chinsetakout TV episode 1 again just incase you missed it!

Screen hog wrote a new post about the new DJ game coming july 25th. Here it is:


Hi Everyone!

Ever since Club Penguin began, there has been a DJ table sitting in the Night Club.

The plan always was to turn the DJ table into something more fun, something more interactive, but we never really got around to it.

Until now.

 On Friday, July 25 with the launch of the Music Jam ’08 party, we are introducing the new game!  It’s Club Penguin’s first music-making game!



Of course, it’s a little hard to show how cool it is from just a screenshot, since you can’t actually hear the music.  But when it launches with the party, you will.What do you think?

 Until then…waddle on!

 -Club Penguin Team -Chinsetakout




4 Responses

  1. Are you looking forward to the new Dj music making game? I am!

  2. So am I, I cant wait for it!

  3. hey we think fevers name on it is too kool…rofl
    Lolli and RynoZodiac

  4. Hey chinsetakout, i am using your player card that is in orange.

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