Penguin Times #145

Update: Check out the new poll at the bottom of the sidebar!

Chinsetakout here!!

Here is Chinsetakout Episode 1 just incase you still have missed it!


Here are some rules they gave for the party and i think a backstage pass will be a free item. Once you have it you get a surprise!!

This is the schedule for the party, like kind of music in different rooms


Check on Club Penguin for these upcoming events



6 Responses

  1. What do you think the surprise will be with the backstage pass?

  2. u dunno?

  3. Thats a good idea, but i think the free item should be an instrument for the nonmembers to play, like the maracas.And i wonder which play will have a sequel.

  4. Man, I can’t wait for this party to start tomorrow! It’s gonna be my favorite party in the history of Club Penguin, flippers down!

    Also, just a little side note, if you ever want to meet me during the party, check out the Penguin Band and the Main Stage on either Flippers or Mammoth. Most likely Flippers. I’ll be there a lot of the time. (Don’t know why I added this, I guess I just feel lonely D=)

  5. i love the vid when is next Episode?

  6. lol

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