Music Festival has Arrived!!

Update: Party Pics will be coming soon!

Chinsetakout here!!

The Music Jam T shirt is at the plaza and the old marracas are at the cove


For members there is a shop at the snowforts with tons of T shirts and the backstage pass!


Once you have the backstage pass go to the dock, this is where you will find the backstage! Also there is a catalog with all the old musical instruments and one new guitar! Click the ‘i’ in music to find the red guitar!


The Dj game is out at the night club!! I dont quite understand how you get coins but its pretty cool!

I also definitally reccomend to look around at all the rooms. Each room is a different kind of music.



3 Responses

  1. Whats your favorite room in the party? Mine is the dojo

  2. This party is awesome! These parties keep getting better and better! My favorite rooms are the cove and the backstage! i feel bad for the nonmembers though.

  3. I cant figuer out how the dj game goes

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