Penguin Band and Music Festival News!!

Update: The Party Pics are now done!! Check out all the cool decorated rooms!! Also i made some more Funny Pics check them out!! I hope you like them!!

Chinsetakout here!!

First of all, the penguin band is on a break and going to different servers in the backstage giving away a free background!! Sorry non members its only for members! Here is the back ground and the penguin band player cards!




Also the dock changes everyday that the party goes on!! Also for Dj 3k the longer you play the more coins you make!! Also party pics still coming soon!



6 Responses

  1. Have you seen the band yet?

  2. no

    ITS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. why only non members :sad: visit my site i want 15,000 hits by saturday we have 14,500 hits now!

  5. only non members coz u have 2 buy a VIP card from da T-shirt stand at snow forts 2 go backstage

  6. Club penguin rox!

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