Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek!

 Hey Everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

Today Billybob announced that the First Ever Club Penguin Music Jam will be extended until August 5th. Maybe they will give out another free item…

Billybob has also given us a sneak peek of the new clothing catalog that will be released this Friday.


Remember: This Friday is the New Clothing Catalog and a New Pin! Chinetakout TV is also ahead of schedule and might be out today, but if not it will definitely be up tomorrow! Keep checking back for more updates.

-Dr Pepper 66


3 Responses

  1. Chinsetakout and I think that the Clothing Catalog will have to do with some sort of Club Penguin Olympics to celebrate the real Olympics..what do you think the catalog will be about?

  2. Hey guyz! i just met u on Cp! luv ur site!
    Chinsetakout: Ya good times, thanks im glad you like it :)

  3. Hey guyz. once agian im here. btw i got on my site just now and ya’ll are now on my blog roll! yay! ya’ll r awesome. Hasta Lavista, Baby! :D

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