Clothing Catalog Secrets and Rockhopper News!!

Chinsetakout here!!

Here is Chinsetakout TV Episode 2 if anyone has missed it! Enjoy and comment what you think!

The Vinyal Record Pin is in the Night Club under the green puffle!

Clothing Catalog Secrets:

Click the blue shirt on the Glacier Suit to find the Jade Necklace

Click the Elvis Hair for the Red Viking Helmet and then open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet


Click the bottom of the shoe for the Mixed Braclets

Click the top left corner of the purple shield for the Woodsman’s Hat

Member and Non Member Backgrounds:

The squared background is the only new one the others were brought back

Also go to the beacon and look through the telescope because Rockhopper is on his way!!




8 Responses

  1. What is your favorite item in the new clothing catalog?

  2. personally i am very disappointed with this clothing catalog.

  3. Great Post dude.


  4. Its me Eagles770 i was disapointed with the clothing catolog! but i gotta say the ice berg top or whatever its called was my favorite

  5. you guys its Eagles765 your should do a penguin fetureing thing on your website it is were you feture a new penguin

  6. i mean Eagles770

  7. It does not matter to me cuz I’m not a member but if I was idk which one I like. Wyse

  8. Hey sorry for the late resonse I was on vactation just comment again when you have the requirments and I’ll add you right away!


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