Aqua Grabber Sneak Peek!!

Chinsetakout here!!

Here is Chinsetakout TV episode 2 just incase you still have missed it:

Screenhog released the full pictures of the one he gave us a couple days ago! Looks like its a sea monster

Also he gave us a list of things we should check out at the music jam before it ends August 5th!

  • Giant instruments at the Dojo
  • Icicles that sound like xylophones when you touch them in the Underground
  • Floor piano in the Underground Pool (try flipping the green switch when other penguins are on it)
  • Music stages that play only if someone is on them
  • Big stage that changes music each day
  • AND… The Dance Lounge:  Hit the green switch to change the big background.  Click it until you see the music notes.  See if you can figure out which game the music is from!



14 Responses

  1. Are you looking forward to the aqua grabber update?

  2. yes and chinse i can see you on cp

  3. but i dont really play it that much

  4. lol that is hillarious i liked when u sang the song at the beach

  5. That was funny. I liked ” La chuckaracha La chuckaracha!” lol. nice vid. i wonder what the next will be about. and that giant blowfish looks kinda scary

  6. :D

  7. thanks corey828 and mowloft we are so glad you like it! :)

  8. Hey wassup? Nice post its very good and informal!
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  9. Hey, sweet post. Come and check out my contest, you could win a rare member penguin!;)

  10. Hey guyz! i just met u on cp! thanks for accepting my friendship! :D u guyz are on my blogroll. go to to find me!


  12. bye

  13. chinse the background kinda copied Cp trio no offense
    Chinsetakout: No you dont own any theme there are probably thousands of people who have that background and our header and site and stuff looks completely different then yours.

  14. aquas a J E R K

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