New Look!

Chinsetakout here!!

As you can probably tell the site has changed a bit! We hope you like it, comment to tell us if you like it better or not. Also check out our header and new chat picture, also tell us what you think about that! Also for post i will continue using the color orange jojo161616 will use yellow and Dr Pepper 66 will use red!! We will have to work on some pictures and other things around the site because some of the pictures have a white background so that will take a couple days!! Well we hope you like it!



7 Responses

  1. tell us what you think of the new theme!

  2. I like it chinse it is cool!!!!!

  3. it is cool

  4. will you guys have a 30,000 hits party?

  5. it’s pretty cool. I think this theme is better than the old one!!

  6. The New Theme Rules!!!!

  7. This layout is awesome! I love the color setup. It’s awesome =)

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