New Aqua Grabber Level and Rockhopper and Play Sneak Peek!

 Jojo161616 here!

The new Aqua Grabber Level came out today! First there is a map with two different levels: the clam and pearl one and the new one.


The new one is to gather soda barrels and once you do you clear up the purple water! Also it gets harder as you get farther! If you go really far down you see a huge puffer fish like the sneak peek and the ultimate goal is to collect some kind of crystal i think!


   In other news today Billybob released a new ” What’s New”. He said that Rockhopper will be coming soon and to look in this weeks newspaper to get more information on his arrival. So check back here thursday for all the Penguin Times news! Also look out the telescope to see a glimpse of the Migrator! Billybob also said that the play,” Team Blue 2″ will be coming out on Friday and that there will be some changes to the play like set and maybe even costumes! I even think they might be bringing back the blue and red facepaint… or at least I hope so!

~ Jojo161616


3 Responses

  1. Hey guys are you looking forward to the new play and rockhopper I know I am! Keep up the great comments! :)

  2. do u like the new aqua grabber game?? isnt it a bit….hard???

  3. i am glad about rockhopper but i dont really care about the play

    ur friend Eagles770

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