Penguin Times #147

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

Click here for the Newspaper!

As most of you know the party ended Tuesday and there is a review in the newspaper!

As Chinsetakout and I suspected, the August party will be the Club Penguin Games (in celebration of the Beijing Olympics).  I think the free item will be a gold medal.

In this months Igloo Catalog there will be a new Pirate Ship Igloo! We are using Rockhopper’s plans for his new ship that he doesnt need anymore because we repaired the Migrator.  We need to find the pieces of the plans beginning tomorrow, August 8th! Look for them floating around the island.

The new play Team Blue Rally 2 is set to open tomorrow! It is Red vs. Blue. 

Here are the upcoming events for Club Penguin:

 Here are the answers to the puffle puzzle game in the Newspaper! Try to do it yourself first then look here for help!

-Dr Pepper 66


5 Responses

  1. Are you looking forward to the Penguin Games?

  2. yes i am a lot i cant wait

  3. Hi chinsetakout! We met on mammoth, remember? I am bodge101’s best freind. plz visit my site and maybye add mne to ur blogroll.
    ~hasta la vista, baby!

  4. I cant believe we were right about the party being an olympic thing!! :)

  5. hi chinse! im afraid the party’s being delayed till next saturday cos im busy this sat! also my fave servers are frozen and mammoth- i saw u on frozen once but you were, well, frozen! lol

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