Rockhopper Arrives, Scavenger Hunt, and New Play!

Update: Hey i just wanted to tell you how we are doing so far in August! Well remember how we got 8000 hits in july? Well in these 9 days of August we have already more then 4500 hits and we are averaging over 500 hits per day!! You guys are really making this month one of the best ever, lets keep it up! :)

Chinsetakout here!!

Now that Rockhopper is here, check out my Rockhopper Finding Guide to help you!

Scavenger hunt answers:

The first boat is right outside the mine


The second boat is outside the boundries in the water at the cove

The third boat is inside the blender in the coffee shop

The fourth boat is hidden behind the black rocks at the shore of the Beach

The fifth boat is floating outside the window in the Underground pool below the Plaza

The Sixth boat is floating in the water dish in the Petshop

The Seventh boat is floating in the water under the Dock

The eight boat is floating right outside the iceberg

This is how to put all the pieces together! (click to enlarge)


Click to get your blueprint background!


Rockhopper’s Items

Rockhopper’s free item is a pair of brown shoes which is a remake of the black pirate buckle shoes. Click the Steering wheel for the Life Ring furniture item!

Team Blues Rally Debut 2

Here is the new stage: (click to enlarge)

There is also a non member background item:



21 Responses

  1. Do you guys like what rockhopper brought? I think a little to much furniture! Also what do you think about the play?

  2. I WANT MORE FREE ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. yea more free ideams the play is cool i meet rockhopper with you

  4. I have a question, how do you make recordings club penguin that are not blurry? Like you mkae the club penguin missions not blurry. Can you tell me how?

  5. umm… i dont really do anything special i just record with hypercam then edit then save as a movie file .wmv hope that helps

  6. ok, because when i record it looks fine then, when i put it on “Windows Movie Maker” it gets all blury.

  7. oh oh oh ya it does that because the screen it plays on, on windows movie maker is really small but when you put it on youtube it gets fixed

  8. Great! thanks

  9. hey i found this awsome site its the best u should check it out… it is really its awsome check it out and while ure there post a comment and do the poll!! and by the way i love your site!!!

  10. The army of club penguin is taking over the world of cp. The only way to stop them is to join together so we can all be in cp peacefully. Join the cp admirals

    oh and you should have a 150 spam party lol.

  11. WOW AWSOME SITE DUDE!! you have become a admin on my site !!! keep up the good work!!

  12. Cool you are now a admin on my site !!!

  13. Cool post!

    Check out my site sometime too!

    mmopuk wordpress com
    and post a comment!!! ;-)

    Waddle On!



  16. Hey Chinsetakout, Dr. Pepper, and Jojo161616! I’m having a 1000 hits party!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the link to the information!! Hope ypu can come and check out the link!

    Here is the link~

  17. yo chinse it is me Eagles770 i cant seem to figure out how to get hypercam 2 can you help me again plz????

  18. ok go to chat

  19. Hypercam2 is junk is trys to crash ur computer.

  20. sorry chinse i got really tired how about today

  21. sweet post.

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