Penguin Times #148

Update: Everyone go here to vote for us! We have been nominated for Club Penguin Awards in like 4 different catagories (pretty good eh?) Anyway please go there and comment to say you vote for us in the different catagories we are nominated in!! Thanks :)

Chinsetakout here!!

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The Penguin Games are coming soon and by the looks of it, there will be different mini games where you win different items which is similar to the Fall Fair! Also they have said there will be a surprise at the ice rink! I think it might be score boards like during the Red vs Blue Sports Party but who knows! Comment what you think the surprise might be!

The new ship igloo comes out tomorrow so remember to check it out! Remember to check back here tomorrow for info on the new pin  and all the igloo catalog secrets!

Also look out for these events coming to a Club Penguin near you! ;)



8 Responses

  1. Also remember to come back here for all the sports catalog secrets! Also what do you think the surprise at the ice rink will be?

  2. Chins!!!
    ur posts r getting better and better
    hey thx for all that update stuff yeah i want a ship igloo….mmmm i better get more coins lol
    and the surprise at the rink…mmm idk, but i hope its not full of green puffles with cheer leader pom poms :surprise:

  3. Hey Chinsetakout. My name on CP is Coldy Guy. We are currently buddies. My site is I am also the person who works on Blitz’s site and I made the contest on Blitz’s site. If you comment on my site, you will be on my blogroll.

  4. hi chinse i love your web and i see you on cp my cuz is going to be on for a while his name is anthony 401 ok bye!
    Chinsetakout: Thanks, im glad you like our web! :)

  5. Hi! Saw u in cp and u told me to comment! nice site!

    Waddle on!
    ~ im a ligor ~



  8. http clubpenguinseven wordpress com YOUVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE CP CHOICE AWARDS!
    p.s youre like nominated for 3 or 4 out of 9 caterogorys.

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