New Sports Catalog, Pin Location, and New Igloos!

Update: Rockhopper is now gone and is heading back to Rockhopper Island to get some loot! :)

Chinsetakout here!!

The new pin is in the stage and is located near the balcony on the right side!

The new sports catalog is really disappointing to me :( They only brought two new clothes and they are the exact same thing as the basketball jerseys. The furniture is pretty cool though! You can build your own track which you can use to have some races with you and your buddies! Now for the secrets!

Sports Catalog Secrets:

Click the pom pom for the Orange Football helmet

Click the Penguin with the surfboard, then the shell, then the starfish for the Silver Surfboard

Also check out the Catalog for some non-member backgrounds! There is one old one returning!

There is also the new ship igloo to discuss! I think it is a little small but i really like the design! It is two floors and the outside that you can see looks like the Migrator! If i could give a little advice… if you want to become famous pretty fast i reccomend keeping this igloo! It will probably leave the catalog in about one or two months then when people visit your igloo after its gone they will wonder where you got it and probably think its cool! Also they brought back the gym igloo which is also very cool! Ok so here are the new igloos! In a comment tell us what you think of them!

And finally the moment you all have been waiting for:

 Igloo Catalog Secrets:

Click the metal bar for the Secret Stone Igloo

Click the Igloo Door on the Deluxe Snow Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo



21 Responses

  1. Also which color are you rooting for in the Penguin Games?
    Red or Blue


  2. chinseteakout can you go on our hockey team? you can be defense.

  3. and drpepper66

  4. Go Team Blue! You rock, Chinsetakout!

  5. yo chinse can you add me to your blog roll my site is at
    please add me

  6. hey hope you can come to the party tommorrow

  7. great site! jojo161616 is my favorite! :) Keep up the good work


  8. No thanks

  9. sure a good time wud be about 12:00pm PST thats 8:00pm my time! preferably at a fairly empty server cos cp isnt working very well for me at the mo! how about matterhorn? wot bout u?

  10. i like the gym igloo. i bought one myself

  11. RED TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. umm… how about today? ill be on as bodge102 tho- my penguin isnt working at all anymore :( i cancelled the party

  13. chinse if your there go to ur chatbox!

  14. chinsetakout plz make a header for my blog like the club penguin trio but i have two other people not just me tell me what you need and i can do it thx cya.

  15. ur posts r great chinse….yeah gym igloo is awesome and its red of lolli and blue for rynozodiac

  16. chinse wuts up playa lol so thats all you need sounds confusing no wrong is confusing lol i dont get it ok you need my playa card macs and giwis94’s playa card in a comment on ur blog then u need to be an admin for ten minutes i think i can do that also i want it just like the club penguin trio but different colors you can choose thx cya.

  17. man everyone wants chinsetakout headers. lol. theyre good though.

  18. lol! also chinse youve made it onto my comedy channel on my site!

  19. chinse it is eagles770’s sister i wanted to let you know that he was hit by a car

  20. what how was he hit by a car? is he ok?


  21. he is ok he was playing basketball he has lose of memory and he is hurting

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