Penguin Times #149

Chinsetakout here!!

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The penguin games are here this friday!! Remember you will have to earn the prizes by playing games! Also at the ice rink there will be a soccer pitch but only members will be allowed there! The different sports you can compete in our:

  • Cross Country Marathon
  • Swim Meet
  • Track Meet

Also Gary has a surprise for the marathon. It is a special way to keep track of penguin! I think it might be something that changes after you cross a certain line or maybe an item that is a number who knows?

Here are some events coming to a Club Penguin near you!

Also for the Penguin Games which side are you on Red or Blue?

Comment which side you are on!



21 Responses

  1. Go Red!

  2. go blue!

  3. go red go red go red go red

  4. GO RED!(its my font color :D)

  5. YAY!!!! I love the new header!!! Thanks sooooo much chinsetakout!

  6. Hey! Ummm Well chinsetakout… what program do you use for videos????? Comment back on my site and please tell me.

  7. GO BLUE

  8. NOOOOOOO!!!! Chinse I accedently put the regular header on my site. please put the one you made back on.

  9. Ok i love it. and yes it is the same!!! And this time im not touching it

  10. oh and one more question… what editor program do you use???? you know for videos??? comment at my site and tell me

  11. Go blue! The games are coming tomorrow and my penguins in tip top shape! Same with my puffles! Me and my green puffle(mint chip) Will be doing the marathon! Me and my pink puffle will be doing the swim meet. And my blue puffle(blue captain) will be doing the track meet!
    See ya there chinese! :)
    Chinsetakout: lol very cool i hope you win! See you there! :D

  12. Hey awesome post! Comment back!

  13. Chinsetakout I can spell your name finally!

  14. Red!

  15. go blue!!

  16. go blue

  17. GO RED!!!!!!! P.S the penguin games are going on right now and it iskinda disapointing but maybe they will upgrade it who knows!!!!!!!!


  19. Yay Red Team!!!

  20. go blue

  21. danny dudert im your friend and blue rocks in your face


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