Club Penguin Elite Force on the Nintendo DS!

Chinsetakout here!!

Everyone you know how earlier on i was talking about how club penguin was making a Nintendo DS game?Well club penguin just released news that the club penguin game for the ds is coming November 4th 2008! Doesnt that rock?!!?! Click here to Pre-Order it! Well hope everyone can get it!

Also everyone great job with hits! We almost have more then ever before in one month! Also we are so close to the HUMUNGOUS 50,000 hits party! Well lets keep it up!



17 Responses

  1. I wish i could get but i dont have a DS :( Do you think you could get one for Christmas or whenever?

  2. Hey do you guys think ittl come out for wii or gamecube pelase i dont have ds =(

  3. hey chinse can i be a worker here plz i know exactly what to do

  4. Ill rather get the new Animal Crossing for Wii than that.

  5. nice post chins….and look at ur hits !

  6. i dont like the nintendo.

  7. Muaha, I have a DS :D I’m getting it and playing as myself, if I can.

  8. hey, chinesetakeout i saw you on cp. awesome site.

    p.s. 54321CP it is only coming out on DS. maybe you can have your parents/grand-parents buy you a DS for christmas. it’s a great system and you won’t regret getting one.

  9. Cool How Did You Get This Information? Its Not In The Club Penguin “Whats New?” Blog. YOU ROCK CHINSETAKOUT!

  10. i have ds and im getting it for christmas yay

  11. I HAVE A NINTENDO DS so im getting it for christmas


  13. i have a ds and im geting it for my b-day (1st december) YAY

  14. i have a ds and im geting it for my b-day (1st december) YAY whoowhoo hip hip horayy

  15. do u know if its just a game that u play or is it the real cp???

  16. Publisher: Nintendo
    Developer: Disney Interactive
    Designer: Disney Interactive
    Platform: Nintendo DS
    Genre: Action
    Rated: ESRB: Everyone
    Release Date:
    November 11th 2008
    Features: Wifi Connection For D-Gamer

  17. Cool game, they could invent a DS CP game but like ClubPenguin

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