Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek!

Jojo161616 here!

Club penguin just released a new sneak peek of the upcoming Furniture Catalog! The sneak peek looks like some steel or metal, the coffee machine on the coffee shop counter, a golden fireplace, and the coffee shop couches! Comment and tell us what you think they are!

Also Billybob told everyone that the Soccer Pitch will stay even after the party is over and non members will be allowed in! So you non members out there, get a move on and play some Soccer! :) Also the 150th newspaper comes out tomorrow so check back here for all the upcoming events and news!



6 Responses

  1. I think the same as you jojo! :D

  2. idk what that metal thingy is

  3. noooooooooooo i want the hockey back

  4. you never added the best viedos widget.

  5. Hey Chinse! I have a question again…
    On Windows Movie Maker how do you add your own songs??? Comment back at my site.


  6. Cool, I Think Some Things Are From The Coffee Shop. PEACE OUT YO!

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