New Furniture Catalog!

Jojo161616 here!

The new 150th Newspaper Anniversary pin is in the boiler room!

Today Club Penguin released the new Furniture Catalog! Here’s what they brought!

I am so glad they brought back the Coffee Shop couches!

I like this new kitchen stuff and they brought back the coffee table!


I can’t wait to buy this!

Press the piano for the guitar stand!

Click the Orange Lava lamp for the blender!

These items will go great in your Coffee Shop!

~ Jojo161616


7 Responses

  1. Hey everyone! comment this post and tell us what you think about the new furniture! Is it good or bad? Is it what you thought it was going to be? Tell us! ;)

    ~ Jojo161616

  2. This catalog is awesome!

  3. this is the best catolage i seen so far its awesome!

  4. thanks for the update jojo

  5. the new funiture rocks but it is on the exspencive side so i have to start playing lots of games cause i want like 24,500 coinss worth it all and i have 295 coins!!!!!!

  6. I finally got my computer to work! So I’m back and I’ll start posting on my site again!


  7. why havent you checked your moderation chinse? my comments for the contest are in there!

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