Rare Penguin Contest Results!

Update: Click here to see Aqua Grabber and Clothing Catalog News!

Chinsetakout here!!

I know how much you guys have been waiting for the results of this contest but i just wanted to say how awesome me Dr Pepper 66 and Jojo161616 think you all did! There was a wopping 5,240 comments! I know how hard everyone worked so we decided to do a little something for not just the 1st place winner but also for the 2nd and 3rd place winners! We decided to post there playercards!

Ok here are the results:

1st place

Rhfan314 (comment your email so we can give the information on the penguin dont worry we post it)

Second Place

3rd Place

All you guys made our first contest ever so awesome! Thanks so much :) We will start have more rare penguin and membership contests probably every month or so! Also in other news! We are so very close to our 50,000 hits party :D I cant wait! Also i will have an august wrap up post soon but lets just say this was our best month ever because of you guys!



14 Responses

  1. i wanted to win first!!!!

  2. Great job everyone!


  3. thnx chinse

  4. i thought i would win lol

  5. Im so sad


  7. Aww thats Ok. i tried hard and it was pretty fun! Hope You have another contest soon ;)

  8. you scamed me chinsetakout i was the only one to post comments
    Chinsetakout: No all comments were under moderation until the end i said that in the directions!

  9. i know but i was the only one to comment

  10. No The Comments Are Under Moderation! You Can not See the others comments i couldn’t see your comments either!

  11. Penguin if you look on the contest post you can see all of the 5,240 comments that many people did. We reviewed all of them and posted them. Hope This helps

  12. Yay!! More contests coming!! Can’t wait cuz I missed this one :( And yay for Soboli winning second place too!! Nice to see ppl I know here XD

    Such a great site guys!!
    ..:: doc ::..

  13. i cant wait for the other contests!!

  14. lol penguin38514111 is so i dont know it is funny cause i know him in real life

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