Penguin Times #151

Dr. Pepper 66 here!!

There is going to be construction going on at the stage starting Friday and its top secret!

The new clothing catalog comes out tomorrow! I think the yellow scarf and pink hoodie will be back!

These events are coming to a Club Penguin near you!

  • September 5th: New wig catalog and Clothing Catalog
  • September 12th: New pin hidden and New Play
  • September 19th: New Igloo Furniture Catalog

– Dr. Pepper 66


5 Responses

  1. Dont forget to check back tomorrow for all the clothing catalog secrets!


  2. hi. kewl post. i just wanted to tell u guys and ur viewers that im having a penguin givaway contest at my site! go to for more info. i hope u guys dont mind…

  3. Hey, Jojo! I just wanted to tell u that ur on Youtube. Search the Me and Mac show and ur on it. im trying to upload another one right now so my computer is a little slow. :)

  4. copy and paste it

  5. Thanks to you

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