New Wig and Clothing Catalogs!

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here!

Today new wig and clothing catalogs came out. Here are the secrets for them:


Click the Yellow Puffle to get the red viking helment.  Click it 3 more times to get the blue one!

Click the Beak of the Yellow Penguin to get the mixed bracelets. 

Click the Sunburst Acoustic Guitar to get the jade necklace.

There is one new background.  It is a fall themed one.


There is only one secret: Click the Spikester Wig for the Spikette Wig.

There is also a new postcard.  It allows you to invite friends to the Soccer Pitch.

The Stage is under construction.  It looks like everything is getting painted black and white!

Comment to tell us what you think of the new clothing catalog, wig catalog, The Stage, or even the new postcard!

-Dr Pepper 66



15 Responses

  1. I’m glad they brought back the Blue Duffel Jacket and the Pink Hoodie. I also like the painter’s outfit and the blue hoodie!
    Im curious about the Stage-what will be there next?

  2. hey dr pepper i have a question for u how do u get the pictures to show up on ur site without ur veiwers having to clik a link plz

  3. My favorite item is the blue coat!

  4. lol chinse
    another question i got the picture but ther was a giant white paper behind it how do i get that out and have just my pic that i want?

  5. also i checked the comments and that rhfan dude ended with 820 or so and i finished with more than 900 comments i think i should have won :(

  6. why do they bring back the rare

  7. happy feety you went from like 807 to skipped some. so we counted 808 comments for you while rhfan had more. hope this helps!

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    *no advertising*


  9. Hey! Umm Chinse can youu help me find an old penguin becuase I want to do a contest but I can’t find a penguin. So please help me. If you find one send it to


  10. guys youre overtagging- taht’s a violation of the WordPress terms of service and you could get a ban for it!

  11. 15 maximum according to Nick at wordpress! i used use loads more but then i got banned from posting cos mohd222 reported me (yes, tahts right, mohd222) and when i asked for it back, nick told me to only use 15 at the max!

  12. hey im trying to convince bodge to have a 6,000 spam party can u help?

  13. ill have one at 10,000 spam! lol! its my 100,000 hits party next!

  14. cool ya’ll are very helpful!

    P.S. Thx For Adding Me On CP!


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