New Stage and Two New Pins!

Update: We are currently moderating all the comments and we will announce the winners shortly! Good Luck Everyone!

Chinsetakout here!!

The first pin is a magnify glass which can be found at the dock!

Ok the second pin is kind of tricky to get but if you follow these steps you will find it in no time! Click these things in this order: File Cabinet, Trash Can, Book, Vase, Picture, Safe! The pin you will find is a ruby!

Stage Catalog Secrets

Click the doorknob for the Dark Detectives Coat

Go to the back page and move the paragraph down to find a free non member background!

There is another free background too!



15 Responses

  1. I think the stage is pretty cool! What do you think of it?


  2. i think it rocks lol

  3. Hey! I’m having a contest for a rare member penguin! If you would like to enter here’s the link:
    *no advertising*


  4. hi chinse! contest at my site!

  5. where do you get all your rare member penguins from?

  6. awesome site!

  7. thanks this really helpes

  8. thanks i got both of them ,i had a hard time getting the ruby pin!


  10. Hey what happened to the penguin contest?

  11. I can’t be able to see the results today. I’ll check them tomorrow.

  12. i sure hope the contest results come soon :mrgreen:

  13. Umm R U Almost done with Thee Comments?

  14. When will the results be in? The contest ended yesterday!
    I hope I win! :mrgreen:

  15. Hello, Thanx for adding me to your buddy list. I think your site rocks and I visit it most days. (I know bodge101 in real life) plz camment back on my site.

    Kimi 07

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