Penguin Times #153

Chinsetakout here!

The Fall Fair is coming soon! It will have some new games and prizes and penguins with memberships should expect some special surprises just for them!

Rockhopper is coming soon and told everyone to dress and talk like a pirate when he comes!

Look for these events coming to a club penguin near you!


PS. we are still moderating all the comments! It is taking a while because there is a lot of comments but we will have the results as soon as possible!


6 Responses

  1. Are you looking forward to the Fall Fair?


  2. wow. this is my first.

  3. I am! I can’t wait to see the prizes. I remember last yar’s Fall Fair like it was yesterday!


  4. I loved last years fall fair it rocked! i got ALL the prizes!

  5. All join Misam’s forum
    *no advertising*
    first five get to be a beta tester

  6. no im not it will be the same as last years!!!!

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