Rare Member Penguin Giveaway Contest Winners!

Chinsetakout here!!

This was another great contest! Since all of you worked so hard and made this contest awesome, we have a special surprise for you! We will post the player cards of not only the top 3 winners but now the top 5! Well here are the winners:

First Place

 (comment your email for the info)

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place


Fifth Place


Ps. I will post the 50,000 hits invitation soon!


20 Responses

  1. :( second place again? AUGH i tried so hard…. :(

  2. im not sad anymore when i realized how many comments i lost by 4 comments is all and i did not win the penguin i am really bummed out all i had to do is do 5 more measly comments i wouldve won.

  3. I was to tired for nothing?! And didn’t even come in fifth place! Man! :mad: :sad: :(

  4. nice!!!! Woot!!

  5. how did u manage to get the pics?

  6. lol. wow.

  7. Wow 5th wow i am dissapointed in myself wow sobli you did better than me i mean i droped from 3rd place to 5th place :(

  8. Ummm Chinse how do you know slips pass because there was a Star next to her name? REPLY!
    Chinsetakout: I did it on my penguin because she was wearing the brown bunny outfit and i thought she would want to be wearing something else. Sorry for the confusion!

  9. Chinse! How do you know my password???? I never gave it to you! And it would only have a star if its urs! CHINSE… What the heck have u been using? :X
    Chinsetakout: It was on my penguin i just thought you would want to be wearing something else then i edited the name on. Sorry for the confusion :!:

  10. :x

  11. Sorry for the confusion sliperslidin its just i thought you would want to be wearing the outfit i usually see you in so i edited a little! And for icicle531905 he wasnt on my buddy list so he told me what he wanted to be wearing! Hope this helps :)


  12. oh. editing meaning u hacked my account? lol u could have gotten a pic of me in the way i did look… lolz ive had more embarasing pics taken of my peng. lolz. or did u just change the name and it was u? :) lolz im sorry i blew up like tht. its just tht icynemo had just been hacked and i was wondering if someone could easily figure out my password or w/e. sorry again. plz forgive me.
    Chinsetakout: Its fine sorry for the confusion

  13. it does. and sorry bout the first part of my comment just now. lolz i forgot to erase it after i figured out what u ment. sorry again.
    Chinsetakout: No Problem :D

  14. hey its happy just letting u all kno that if i wasnt grounded i would hav beaten all of u I ROCK lol lol jk well maybe have beaten soboli lol bye!
    Chinsetakout: lol that would have been a lot of comments! I think Soboli got over 1,300 :!:

  15. thx. ur the greatest. :)

  16. :0 wow thnx for posting on my site chinse it rly helps me out u rock ps so do i lol
    Chinsetakout: No problem :D

  17. :o

  18. hey chinse or dr pepper umm how did u get the penguin for your stats? and the current viewer thing and also the welcome sign and club penguin shortcut?



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