Club Penguin Mission and Fall Fair Party Sneak Peeks!

Chinsetakout here!!

Here is a new sneak peek of the new mission that will be released soon! Im not really sure what it is but its definitally in front of the pet shop and the puffles are playing! To be able to complete the new mission you will have to be done with the other ones. Click here to find out how to complete the other missions!

Also this is a sneak peek of the upcoming Fall Fair Party! It looks like the Puffle Paddle game from last year! Also when your earning tickets remember to redeem them for prizes before you log out otherwise they will be gone!



6 Responses

  1. What do you think of the New Mission Sneak Peek and the Fall Fair Sneak Peek? I think they both look really cool :cool:


  2. omg i cant keep up with u guys:(lol
    and my com being locked that doesnt help either!
    hmm if u see eagles or mowloft tell them i need their help they can post too its just i cant do it by my self:(

  3. dude i cant thank you enough dude i love you guys seriouly u made me cry when i found that on my blog i love u u rock!!!!! :)
    Chinsetakout: Lol no problem! Glad to help! :D

  4. wen is the info comin out about the party?

  5. yo chinse you can post on my site now!!!!!!

  6. hey kewl post!


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