Fall Fair 2008 Cheats!!

Chinsetakout here!!

The new lollipop pin is located in the lighthouse!

Fall Fair Cheats

1.How to get tickets really fast:

2.Play Grab and Spin located at the dock

3.Spin it once

Click tab until the yellow box is over End Game button like this:

4. Hold down enter for about 10 seconds

5. Quit the game and look at your tickets!

Once you have all the tickets you need the next step is cashing them in! To exchange them for prizes go to the forest for a prize booth. Also remember that they will be adding more prizes later on in the week so i will keep you updated on that!

The second prize booth is at the Arcade Circle which is only for members!


This is what it looks like inside:

Here are the prizes:

Also if your a non member and want to play the 2 games that are in the Arcade Circle, then here they are:

Also i would definitally check out all the different rooms and play all the games and i will have party pics up soon for this party so we can remember it later on! I especially like the pool and iceberg! Comment which rooms are your favorite!!



11 Responses

  1. Whats your favorite part of the fall fair?


  2. My favorite part is DEFINATELY playing Puffle Paddle. Hey, Chinse, do you know if they brought cotton fluff back? I’ve really been wanting some, but I can’t find it anywhere! :/

  3. Hey, great post! I don’t really like the Fall Fair. All of the items are not really new and the games are also from last year! Oh and also can you please comment on my site? I’ll try to comment here too!


  4. chinnese will u add me in cp meet you in cp tonight at 8:30

  5. I tryed the Dj3K glitch and I look at my coins and I had 92 before I had 85,???,??? coins and I logged in/out and it was back I thought they caught be cheating and took away all my coins LOL,

  6. i like the fall fair!
    my favorite part was the arcade circle!
    because its just a private spot for members. but non members dont miss much!
    and last fall fair i couldont make it because i forgot my pass. and i used my friends email. so i had to wait like 2 months to change it ~doggiking~ P.S. i like ur site

  7. I looked at this cheat and now I can’t play Grab & Spin! Is that normal???

  8. I mean it sucks!!!!!!!!!! Are there any other cheats??


  10. >:p

  11. lol.. it is unavailable to everyone.. and when i did this (before you posted it) it took all of the items that i had gotten with the money that i had used the cheat on.. so ppl, you really need to just earn the tickets the normal way.. it took all the stuff i had gotten.

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