New Prizes at the Fall Fair!!

Hey everyone Dr Pepper 66 here:

Club Penguin released THREE new prizes to the non-member prize booth.  They released blue cotton candy (600 tickets), a background (400 tickets), and brought back the paddle-ball (1500 tickets).

Also, the Grab and Spin game is not working. They must be fixing the ticket cheat!

Billybob also released a new post about the Halloween Costume Catalog! Apparently wigs will be apart of this catalog.


It looks like a mad scientist wig to me! Billybob announced that there will be some new costumes, and some favorites returning. He also said that the new mission will be ready as early as next week! Check back for updates on that!

-Dr Pepper 66


4 Responses

  1. I hope the black superhero mask returns in the clothing catalog!
    What costumes do you want?

  2. A friend of mine gave me 15 WordPress credits.

  3. All I need to do is to buy the blue cotton candy and the new backround and Ill have it all.

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