Halloween Clothing Catalog Cheats

Update: I have just made a Club Penguin Pin widget and Club Penguin Upcoming Events Widget that you can put on your Club Penguin Cheats site. The widget will update itself everytime a new pin comes out! To see what pin widget looks like and to get the code click here! Anyone can use the pin widget on their club penguin cheats site!

Chinsetakout here!!

Clothing Catalog Secrets:

Click the Pumpkin for the Red Viking Helmet and the open and close that 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet

Once you have the Blue Viking Helmet up click the yellow puffle for the Gold Viking Helmet

Click the Torch for the Black Super Hero Mask

Click the Lighthouse for the Black Scuba Mask


Click the Pink Flipper for the Mixed Braclets

Click the Spikster Cuff for the Jade Necklace

There is 1 new Background and 3 returning ones



17 Responses

  1. My favorite item is the Black Mask! What is yours?


  2. MINE TOO!!!!!!!!

  3. You are now on my blogroll

  4. Awesome pin Widget! :)

  5. Cool!
    I might be able to get you some wp credits if you would like but im not sure yet
    ~Fish alot

  6. Hi chinse I dont need you to do my header any more! I made one today! So you can go to our site and check it out!
    Icy melts away

  7. Thanx for the offer of the widget chinse, bit i allready have my own!

  8. Also you are on my blogroll now

  9. Thanks for the widget!
    Im about to use the Upcoming Events one now!
    I will tell people to get it from you.

  10. *no advertising*

  11. hey icy ill take one of those headers that u hav its sweet anyways chinse can u help me with the widgets i hav no clue on how to get them on so can u plz help me lol thnx

  12. This is an AWESOME site! :D
    *no advertising*

  13. Hey how do you get the wiget on your site!? Yeah im stupid Red is the techy nerd but tell me plz!

  14. Hey Chinsetakout! Your hits are really going up! Keep up the good work. I also deleted my site and made a new one. *no advertising* Comment back!

  15. hey nice header chinse bye

    ps can u put the widgets on my site plz thnx


  16. Ok it didnt work Chinse so you copy it and then where do u paste it?

  17. Ok dude it aint workin im adding you as an admin so you can put it on.

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