Igloo Contest and Toy Update

Dr Pepper 66 here!!

Club Penguin released news that they will be giving a special coin with a code on it that they will give with the new toys. When you enter the code you will find a special book filled with old items and new items. Also the igloo decorating contest starts on Friday so get decorating!!

-Dr Pepper 66


11 Responses

  1. Are you going to buy Club Penguin’s New Toys?


  2. Not really since it’s like Webkinz and LPS VIP’s. It’s probably gonna turn out horribly wrong! THE WORLD WILL END! lol sorry too much chocolate
    Pikes out

  3. Yes, also contest like no other on my site! Visit *no advertising* and click on weekly contest. GOOD LUCK!

  4. yes i am heey chin can i be on your blogroll

  5. Hey guys! Please visit *no advertising*


  6. i might buy one lol but im still mad that theyre brining bak rare items! And we wasted r money on memberships!!!

  7. it costs money for some reason? and theyre giving back rare items!!! we gotta rebel!

  8. this is why cp isnt ranked 1 in miniclip anymore

  9. it costs money shocking just for a code if anyone gets one go to my blog and post it on the page that askes for it


  10. :mrgreen:

  11. cheese for the cp camereer lol :mrgreen: its a item of cp

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