Rockhopper Tracker!

Chinsetakout here!!

With Rockhopper coming I thought i should give some help for all those people out there that love finding Rockhopper! I  just made a Rockhopper Tracker Widget that will display Rockhopper’s Location while he is at Club Penguin! It updates automatically with his location! Its very helpful if you havent found him and want to get his free gift or just have fun with him! Also it can really help viewers of your own sites find Rockhopper!  So keep checking the Rockhopper Tracker which you will find on the sidebar to find Rockhopper! Also if you find Rockhopper on a server please comment on this site what server so I can update the Widget for everyone even faster. Here is the code if you want to put it on your own website:

<a href=””><img src=
oppertracker/rockhoppertracker3.PNG /></a>



9 Responses

  1. I hope this helps you find Rockhopper!


  2. Chinse. i need advise. Ok, so this parent (or so it says on the comment) came and posted a comment on my site saying that i was probably a Child predator and that if i didnt stop the site, that they would have the police and everone after me and that i better have a good lawyer. I am not a child predator! im really freaking out right now! Have u been in this situation before? Please Chinse! I really need some good advice!!!

    ~a scared slip

  3. That traker doesn’t work! I hope it will say where he is soon!

  4. >.< THIS IS SOO ANNOYING! it sais rockhopper is in ANTARCTIC but its FULL! and i cant get in. this sucks hard

  5. WOAHH!!! I ACTUALLY SAW HIM!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

    Chinsetakout: Im glad our tracker helped you! Keep checking it for his location updates!

  7. Hey Chinse we need to make or site look cool so can you make us a banner?

  8. hey i went to clubpenguin. i saw the ship. it was full. hes in there

  9. after you get into the server where do you go???

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