Rockhopper and New Igloo and Furniture Catalogs!

Hey Everyone Dr Pepper 66 here! (scroll down for catalog secrets)

Here is all the info on the Rockhopper Tracker you can use to find Rockhopper and put on your site:

With Rockhopper coming I thought i should give some help for all those people out there that love finding Rockhopper! I  just made a Rockhopper Tracker Widget that will display Rockhopper’s Location while he is at Club Penguin! It updates automatically with his location! Its very helpful if you havent found him and want to get his free gift or just have fun with him! Also it can really help viewers of your own sites find Rockhopper!  So keep checking the Rockhopper Tracker which you will find on the sidebar to find Rockhopper! Also if you find Rockhopper on a server please comment on this site what server so I can update the Widget for everyone even faster. To see his location you have to look at the Rockhopper Tracker on the sidebar! Here is the code if you want to put it on your own website:

<a href=””><img src=”                  rockhoppertracker3.PNG” /></a>

Rockhopper has returned with a few new items along with the old eye patch:

The new Igloo Catalog came out too! They brought back the pumpkin igloo along with a new black carpet!


The new furniture catalog is packed with new and old Halloween items! Remember: the igloo contest starts today so get decorating!!

Here are the Secrets:

Click the Books to find the Chalkboard:

Click the Fire on the oven twice to find the Stainless Steel Fridge:

Click the Guitar Stand to find the Music Stand:

As many of you know, Club Penguin is having an online Anniversary Party.  Well this year, it is going to be better than ever! In Times Square New York, you can go party and watch the online party, but if you are online, you can watch the Party that is happening in New York!

Looks like they gave away what the Party Hat is going to look like…lol

Remember all of this happens October 24th-26th! Check back for all the updates!

Cooment and tell us what you think about everything!

-Dr Pepper 66


15 Responses

  1. Do you like the Party Hat colors?

  2. ur tracker does not work
    Chinsetakout: Yes it does but right now its currently tracking him but it will say the server when it finds him.

  3. ya i agree with ur opinions. ill check marshmallow
    Chinsetakout: I think he just left Marshmallow :(

  4. cool halloween header!

    comment back


  5. Rock Hopper is in Brumby! JUST IN!

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