Club Penguin Storm and New Club Penguin Books!

Chinsetakout here!!

A storm is coming to club penguin again! I wonder why… If you want to see for yourself then waddle down to the cove and click on the binoculars on the life gaurd chair! Here is the storm:

Also Club Penguin is releasing books now that come with a secret code to unlock online items!

Also here is all the toys club penguin will be selling!



15 Responses

  1. What do you think the storm is about?


  2. Nice! adventures at sea looks cool

  3. Hey! I just got a sweet Css! All credit to Dark Crow200.

    Please visit my site!

    P.s. Keep up the great work!

  4. are we the only people chinse who dont have css and domain updates. all of us are going to be famous penguins by 2009 looks like it. i got 200 hits yesterday and already 150 today and theres 3 more hours left for more.

  5. Cool Post Chinese! Keep Up The Great Work! ;)

  6. woo-hoo new record 206 hits!!!! and ur almost at 60,000 hits

  7. cool post chinse!
    hey and do you know how to make a chat box animation like yours

  8. i havent got css or domains either :(

  9. 14 short of 59,000. also ive known aussie since 1,000 hits and how come he just adds dark crow to his site after 2 months of knowing him? he adds him but not me, u, red, brax, cp trio people, bodge, kimi, eagles, etc.

  10. Nice, I hope the Halloween Party is even better than ever before :), I think I’ll your your forums :P.

  11. my 10,00 hits party today at matterhorn dock. visit *no advertising* for more details

  12. hmmm. ill do the work for you chinse this time.
    Hey! Check out *no advirtesing* for an awesome contest!
    lol ~source~

  13. im ok that u have a no advirtesing policy though.

  14. ya the new party hat is pretty cool!

  15. umm i need SERIOUS help. I’m so excited when a new party comes out, but that means more secrets! and i am absolutely NUTS without knowing the secrets. Could you give me some ideas on where to find the “secret stuff” or tell me if all the rumors penguins are making up true?

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